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PARKING PROBLEMS: Valets Battle Elements | News

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PARKING PROBLEMS: Valets Battle Elements

When it starts to snow, many of us huddle inside but for some, their job takes them out into the elements.

The valet team at the Civic Center lined up to park cars for Saturday’s performance of Million Dollar Quartet.

Keck parking takes care of the valet service, but the parking lot is two blocks away.

The valets have to park the vehicles then run the two blocks back to be ready for the next car, making for an interesting night when the weather acts up.

“It’s hard to see when you run, just because you got all that snow coming at you, it’s tough to look up when you run, but it doesn’t affect the driving except you’ve got to find everyone’s windshield wipers but it adds a different element making it exciting just got to be careful in it,” explained valet driver Travis Manderfield.

Employees estimate they park fifty percent more vehicles when the weather’s bad and drivers would rather not park for themselves.


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