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YOUNKERS FIRE: Demolition To Begin Soon

The owner of the burned Younkers building in downtown Des Moines says demolition will begin on part of the structure soon.

The Alexander Company owns the building.

Officials say they are planning to demolish the sixth, seventh and eighth floors of the east building. That’s everything above the arched windows. It’s also the most fire damaged part of the building.

Tuesday, a crane was rolled into place allowing experts to take samples in preparation for demolition.

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The Alexander Company says work could begin this week or early next week.

The historic building went up in flames in the early morning hours of March 29th.

TRAGIC ACCIDENT: Teen Killed By Train Remembered

New details are emerging about a teenager who was killed Sunday when he fell beneath a moving train on the east side of Des Moines.

For the rest of his life, Easter will be different for Marlon Grahm. It’s the day he watched his best friend die.

Grahm and his friends had been drinking and were walking down Des Moines Street early Sunday morning when his long time buddy, 18-year-old Phillip Simmons decided to jump on a slow passing train.

“I said ‘hey bro, we’re not messing with that train bro. We’re not gonna jump it no more.’ And he goes up to it to try to jump it and I grab him. I say ‘no bro. You’re not going, you’re not going to go to that train. You’re not gonna to try jumping it.’ And I turned and looked for everybody else and I turned back towards him and he’s running back towards it again.”

Then, tragedy struck.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH: Girl, 4, Shot In The Chest

A young child has been killed in what police are calling an accidental shooting Monday night.

Des Moines police responded shortly after 7 p.m. on a report of a possible shooting at an apartment complex at 2746 Fleur Drive.

Police say a 4-year-old girl was shot in the chest. She was taken to Blank Children’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

“I just got done from dinner and heard a lot of people shouting and yelling the address of the apartment building. We opened the door to see what was going on and the police showed up and the ambulance. We didn’t see anything until they brought the little girl out,” neighbor Jessica Uren said.

“I see her every so often playing out on the deck so it’s obviously very, very sad. It’s a sad thing to see someone so young and cute and have that happen to,” Molly Harper added.

BEAUTIFUL BULLDOGS: Drake Honors Porterhouse

A cape and a crown came in handy at Drake University Monday.

Being beautiful isn`t easy. While some dogs can`t commit to their costumes, Ella Harban is ready to commit her life to her dog Gary.

“He’s so handsome,” Ella says.

Huckleberry has already dedicated a year to Drake University as the 2013 most Beautiful Bulldog.

But no beautiful bulldog has put in more face time than the famous Porterhouse. “I don’t think he had any idea how big of a deal he was,” said Porterhouse’s owner Erin Bell.

Porterhouse won the contest in 2009, but he stuck around as Drake`s living mascot. “This is where porterhouse shined and we definitely miss having him a lot today,” said Bell.

Porterhouse died unexpectedly last December. “I don`t think there will ever be another Porterhouse,” said Porterhouse.

In honor of this irreplaceable dog is a new award, the Porterhouse People’s Choice Award.

OFF-ROADING DEATH: Exhaust Fumes Likely Contributed

A 21-year-old man died following an accident in a wooded area near the Des Moines River by the Great Ape Trust.

Police say Matthew Blackford was off-roading with some friends in a Jeep Cherokee when he got stuck in muddy pool of water.

“Probably two to three feet deep so not super deep. Not so deep that you couldn’t stand up in, but enough to cover the tail pipe of the car,” says Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax.

With water blocking the tail pipe, police say exhaust likely filled the Jeep as he tried to get out of the water.

“Three of the four got out of the vehicle. The driver, the deceased, stayed in the vehicle and was trying to free it. Kind of a rocking back and forth motion that you would typically do when a car is stuck,” says Halifax.

Possibly dazed and disoriented from carbon monoxide, as he went to get out, he fell into the water. Police say Blackford was under water for several minutes.

FASHION FORWARD: Metro Start-Up Helping Men

Des Moines isn’t the fashion capital of the world, but a local start-up company has been overwhelmed by the amount of men nationwide asking Iowans for a little help with their wardrobes.

Derian Baugh, the CEO and founder of Men’s Style Lab has always offered fashion advice to friends, but now from this small Urbandale warehouse, he and a small team of stylists are helping men all over the country dress a little better.

“I’ve always been a guy that’s loved fashion and stayed on top of the latest trends,” said Baugh.

The concept is simple.

Men log on to the website and fill out a survey including their sizes and what’s already in their closet.

After a short phone interview, stylists like Kayla Ryan take care of the rest.

NEW BRIDGE: City Approves Pricey Plan For Grand Bridge

The arches on the Grand Avenue bridge have served as symbol of Des Moines since 1918. The iconic look is staying put but at a cost.

The people had their chance, and the majority of those who used it got their way.

“I had more people stop me to say ‘We want the arches,’” said councilwoman, Christine Hensley.

Of the 402 people who filled out the Grand Avenue bridge survey, 70% said they favored spending an extra $2 million to recreate the arch pattern of the original bridge.

“I was slightly surprised,” said councilman, Joe Gatto, “but you know, it’s on our flag.”

Council voted in step with the survey results. The fancy design passed, 6-1.

Naysayers don’t like it, but again, they had their chance.